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All Swiss IT jobs around you.

When it comes to quality of life, location matters.

Just a 15 minutes increase in your commute time adds more than a day of work each month. Per year, that's about half your yearly paid vacation.

We read all IT jobs in Switzerland and bring you convenience by putting them on the map.


Personalised map.

Use your map like an email inbox. Check what's new, discard uninteresting jobs and never see them again on your map.

So you can check daily your map for jobs you haven't seen only.

We keep track of everything for you.


Check mutual interest before officially applying.

Sometimes, we don't want to signal the world we are looking for a job, yet a new job may be appealing to you.

Premium jobs allow you to signal your interest/want to know more without explicitly applying.

If the recruiter is interested in your profile, they write you back and you can start a conversation.

It's a bit like referring yourself and say 'hey, I may be a great fit, what do you think?'.

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